December 23, 2008

The Official Holiday 2008 Post!

Have a merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, happy Kwanza, happy holidays, and happy New Year from Lai Guys Comics. There was supposed to be a cartoon Kung Fu Santa beside this but I left it to the last minute and that didn't happen. Maybe later.


December 7, 2008

Painted Spiria Pin-up

Hi, this is Chris. I'm sorry I haven't posted in a long time, for those who might be wondering, I am alive. I realize that we have talked about my Spiria project, but I've never posted any art for it. So here it goes, the first Spiria related piece of art work.

It shows the four main characters from Spiria in the center, with the gentle glowing moon on their right, and the harsh, noon-day sun on their left. The main villain of the story looms menacingly over them. An army spills out of the gates of a fortified city, and a delicate blossom blooms from the tangle of vines that frames the whole thing.

An art teacher of mine gave me a lot of tips and pointers while I painted this, so a big thanks goes out to him. Thanks!

Hope everyone is enjoying these posts! If you see anything you like (or don't like), please leave a comment and let us know about it!

-Chris Lai

Blog Redesign

If you've been to our blog before then you'll probably notice some changes in the design. I recently redesigned it to make it resemble the design of the official website that I'm developing for us. We also changed our domain name. We can now be found at However will still redirect you here. We're also trying out a new commenting system called Intense Debate. To comment on a blog post just click on the title of the post. To comment you have to either have an Intense Debate account or an open ID (Bogger, Wordpress, Google, or Yahoo! accounts can be used as open IDs). I also redesigned the Lemon Inc. Blog. Go check it out. I hope you like the changes and I would apprieciate any feedback you may have.

Thanks for reading; I hope you'll return.


Lemon Inc. Sample Strips

I recently posted some sample strips for Lemon Inc. on the Lemon Inc. blog and I thought I'd post them here too. Right now the Lemon Inc. blog is our most active blog so remember to check up on it.


November 1, 2008

A Lai Guys Comics Halloween!

Happy Halloween from Lai Guys Comics! We realize we're a little late with this post since it's the day after but I thought I'd post the pumpkin that I carved in the likeness of Andy from Lemon Inc.:

Here are some more pumpkins we carved:

Hoping everyone had a fun and safe Halloween,


October 12, 2008

Lai Guys Comics on Vimeo

Hello. I thought I'd post this video we posted on Vimeo.

October 3, 2008

Preview of the OFFICIAL Lai Guys Comics Website

Hello everybody. Just to clarify, this is NOT the Lai Guys Comics website. This is just our blog. For the last few months I have been developing our OFFICIAL website. There's still a lot of work to be done but the layout and design of the website are all basically finished so I thought I'd give you a preview of what it will look like:
Click to view larger
The big black rectangle under the navigation buttons is going to be a flash application. The gray square under the flash app with the text in it is our Twitter feed.

Click to view larger

Here you'll be able to view descriptions of all of our comics, check their ratings with our self-imposed ratings system, and click on the "visit" button to view each comic's own separate website where you can read it.

Click to view larger

As you can see here, you'll be able to read the Lai Guys Comics Blog right from our main page! PLEASE tell us what you think by leaving comments for us here in the blog or by sending us tweets on Twitter. Your feedback is VERY important to us. Stay tuned for more updates on the website!


September 27, 2008

Rocky and Stones

Hello, everybody. A couple of years ago I decided that I wanted to complete a comic by the end of the summer. Then I realized that I was completely unprepared to even start writing the graphic novel that I had been developing in my mind and even less prepared to actually draw any of the art. I still wanted to finish a comic over the summer though. Just for fun.
I was outside trying to draw objects such as trees, lampposts, and rocks... However I wasn't really in the mood for drawing anything that didn't have a face on it. So I drew a face on a rock...

I named this rock Rocky. I know. Very original, Isn't it? Then I drew a face on a second rock...

I named this one Stones. Also original. Then I got the idea to take pictures of the rocks doing crazy things and turn it into a comic. That's exactly what I did and I finished making Rocky and Stones by the end of the summer.

The story didn't make much sense since it was a bit of an experiment and I essentially made it up as I went along but It was fun to do and it seemed pretty funny at the time.

But don't be fooled by these rocks' innocent appearances. The story quickly takes a dark turn...

Since we'll be putting the website up for Lemon Inc., Spiria, and hopefully various other projects we hope to do I figured we might as well put Rocky and Stones on the site as well. I have no idea weather anyone would actually be interested in this but I know that there are other weird photographic webcomics similar to this out there (such as Irregular Webcomic). If anyone wants to see this comic on our website, leave a comment and let me know.


UPDATE: I've decided that I don't think too many people would be interested in seeing this and that I don't think that I want to show this on the website. It was a lazy, silly, comic which, while fun, Is not worth displaying. I need to focus my energies on Lemon Inc. to make it the best comic that it can be.

September 23, 2008

Lai Guys Comics On Twitter

Hey just thought I'd mention that we're on Twitter. This whole Twitter thing is pretty new to me but I figured I'd try it out. Our Twitter page is here. When the official site is up you'll be able to follow our Twitter feed from our main page.


August 24, 2008

Coloured Dreamland Chronicles Pinup

Colouring is finished! Chris' original black & white drawing can be found here. If you didn't know, this is fanart for this webcomic.

We actually used three different programs to complete this. The linework was done in Painter X, the colouring was done in Photoshop, and the emblems on his chest and boots (which are actually much more detailed than you can tell) were made in CorelDRAW 12. I think the end result looks pretty good.


Note: The Dreamland Chronicles and all related characters and their likenesses are © copyright Scott Christian Sava.

August 21, 2008

Dreamland Chronicles Pinup

If you're a fan of webcomics and haven't checked out The Dreamland Chronicles , then you should. With decent all-ages comics so very hard to find, it's inspiring to see this wonderful comic which families can read together.
The entire comic is rendered in 3D, and is simply a treat for the eyes. The creator, Scott Christian Sava, has woven a cool story that both kids and adults can get into. The Dreamland Chronicles webcomic has been online for about 3 years I believe, and according to Mr. Sava, just reached its halfway point.
In all, there are currently 733 pages up. After posting a new page every weekday for the last 3 years, The Dreamland Chronicles is going on a short, much needed break. So if you haven't been following it, now would be a great time to start.

Anyhoo, I also want to take this oppurtunity to post this:

You remember how I said Dreamland Chronicles is going on break? Well during the break, the author wants to post guest-strips and pinups, and has invited fans and other artists to submit some, so I thought I'd give it a shot! It's not exactly a masterpiece, but I'm pretty happy with the effort I put into it. However, I'm a sucky colourist, so fellow Lai Guy Timothy is colouring it right now as we speak. So the end result will be a joint effort. : - )

Hopefully Mr. Sava will like it!

Note: The Dreamland Chronicles and all related characters and their likenesses are © copyright Scott Christian Sava.

August 18, 2008

Lemon Inc. Character Designs

Here are the main characters from Lemon Inc.:
From left to right, top to bottom, these characters are: Andy, Jeff, Craig, Tommy, and Derek. All art is © copyright Tim Lai 2008.

August 17, 2008

Our Comics

So I figure I might as well elaborate a little on our webcomics. There are two that we know we will be posting on the site. They are, Lemon Inc., which will be a comedic comic strip by me, and Spiria by Chris, which will feature a series of unrelated fantasy adventures that all take place in the same world. I've set up another blog where I'll be blogging about Lemon Inc. and posting character designs (hopefully).

That's all for now...


August 16, 2008


Hi! This is Chris, LAI GUYS COMICS co-creator. I know you've never heard of us, and we haven't even posted any comics yet, but we couldn't wait to get going! We've started this blog so we can accompany our comics with news and keep our (future) readers informed. Until our official website is ready we will use this blog to post previews of our comics. (as I'm sure my associate Tim has already explained).
We are still developing our skills, so the soon-to-be LAI GUYS COMICS website will be a learning experience for us, and hopefully fun for you, the reader.

My name is Chris Lai, and I've run out of stuff to say.

Awsome 1st Post!

Hello people! My name is Jen Lai, and I'm the girl of the "Lai Guys."

I don't want to get all spazzy on you, but it's pretty exciting to have this page on Blogspot. Lai Guys Comics has been long in the making, probably since we were wee little tots; and our blogs are just the introduction to our site. I'm still trying to improve my artistic skills, so you might not see a lot of my work here, but if I ever have something to post, well, I'll post it. On the other hand, I work a lot on Chris and Tim's projects, providing feedback, and script/character etc. material, so you might not see my work, but it's there.

I guess I don't have much more to say except that comments are welcome and you should look forward to the future of Lai Guys Comics! Tell your friends!

Stay cool, stay clean, stay creative.


My First Post

Hi, I'm Tim. The Lai Guys Comics Blog has been set up by me, Chris Lai, and Jen Lai, to serve as a news and commentary section for our website which is not yet ready to be put online. However, I'm hard at work trying to get it ready as soon as possible. The purpose of this website will be to serve as a means for us to post and share webcomics in a variety of genres for a wide range of age groups. Until our official website is ready we will use this blog to post sketches and previews of our webcomics to give you a taste.