August 21, 2008

Dreamland Chronicles Pinup

If you're a fan of webcomics and haven't checked out The Dreamland Chronicles , then you should. With decent all-ages comics so very hard to find, it's inspiring to see this wonderful comic which families can read together.
The entire comic is rendered in 3D, and is simply a treat for the eyes. The creator, Scott Christian Sava, has woven a cool story that both kids and adults can get into. The Dreamland Chronicles webcomic has been online for about 3 years I believe, and according to Mr. Sava, just reached its halfway point.
In all, there are currently 733 pages up. After posting a new page every weekday for the last 3 years, The Dreamland Chronicles is going on a short, much needed break. So if you haven't been following it, now would be a great time to start.

Anyhoo, I also want to take this oppurtunity to post this:

You remember how I said Dreamland Chronicles is going on break? Well during the break, the author wants to post guest-strips and pinups, and has invited fans and other artists to submit some, so I thought I'd give it a shot! It's not exactly a masterpiece, but I'm pretty happy with the effort I put into it. However, I'm a sucky colourist, so fellow Lai Guy Timothy is colouring it right now as we speak. So the end result will be a joint effort. : - )

Hopefully Mr. Sava will like it!

Note: The Dreamland Chronicles and all related characters and their likenesses are © copyright Scott Christian Sava.

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